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Some Things to Prepare if You Think the Apocalypse is Soon Coming

Call them pessimistic, or superstitious or paranoid, these people are now preparing for the end of the world, and if that time comes and they are still alive to see it, they will have the most advantage and the last laugh against those who do not believe this incident to come soon.

If you will prepare for the Apocalypse, you have to think ahead and plan accordingly. You can view here some of the things to do as your guide to prepare for the apocalypse and be among the few who will survive when that time comes.

The first tip is to plan for your survival, a very worthy lesson to follow for your preparation. People think that the apocalypse could come in different ways, like zombies, political unrest, threats from foreign shores, and so on. So, your plan is to consider the most likely scenario, and get to work on where you will go, what will you take, who will be with you or if you are going to be alone, and other questions that you have to answer in order to make the plan. If your plan involves loved ones and those close to you, it is important that they are all aware of your plans, so everything is coordinated and expectations are understood.

Having the essentials on hand as part of you plan for the apocalypse is another important matter to consider and plan for. When apocalypse happened, imagine your life to be very difficult in the sense that you will have nothing left in the supermarket, no hospitals to treat you, no electricity, and others. Thus, essentials like food, gas, water, medical supplies and others should already be stocked up.

Together with your stocks of essential supplies, you are to prepare the appropriate gear needed in an apocalypse, and this is another tip to consider. Be reminded that electricity will be out during this event and so it is best to have a generator, torches, batteries and other sources of energy. Things like axes, ropes, matches, and weapons would be better for your survival.

Another matter of preparation is for you to master the art of independence, especially we are basically over-reliant on the present system in order to survive. This would mean a lot of learning on your side to be able to look after yourself better, like learning how to grow your own food, and practice essential skills after the apocalypse like growing your own food, and knowing the essential skills of knot tying, fire lighting, self defense, hunting and others.

Be aware that it is going to be a mental battle, and getting used to not having the luxuries like warm beds, enough nutrition, possibly no family and friends and so on, and these would need you to stay sane and have perseverance.