The Beginners Guide To Razors (Chapter 1)

How to Get the Perfect Shave

Many of us do not think much of the kind of instruments we use for shaving. This is why so many of us do not understand what brings about so much skin irritation after shaving. In case you need to keep healthy skin and prevent such irritation, you need to know more about the shaving kits you go for. Not all razors are the same. You cannot, for instance, compare a safety razor with a multi-blade cartridge razor. When you need to find a lasting solution to skin irritations, look no further than these differences.

Cartridge razors are usually lightweight due to them being made of plastic. This shall need you to apply lots of pressure to get them to work. They shall have several blades packed together at an angle. You will thus find yourself pulling and tugging at a longer stubble. Getting a clean and close shave under these circumstances shall be hard.

They normally come with so many blades, to allow for a clean and close shave in one stroke. But the resultant confusion leaves the blades dragging on your skin, thus tearing it. This is not helped at all by the lightweight, which shall add the chances of you treating more skin. The blades also make it easier for bacteria to grow in there.

Safety razors, on the other hand, rely on one blade to do the job. They will also be heavy due to the fact that they are built using metal, such as stainless steel. This results in minimal pressure applied when you are shaving. You will have fewer irritations and discomfort on your skin. Metal also means it will last the longest and break down the least. Since it has only one blade, it shall not have any bacteria growing in it. You will also replace the blade after using it, which makes it even more hygienic. The dingle blade moves with more freedom, which means less friction with the stubble, and thus not much irritation.

There are those who will go for cartridge shaving kits due to their cheaper cost when compared to safety razors, which is not wise as there are other costs. But the cartridge razors have to be bough after a few uses, which is not the case with safety razors. You only have to buy a pack of blades, which is cheap. After a while, you will have spent way more on the cartridge shavers than you ever would with the safety razors.

There is a bit of a learning curve in using safety razors. But when you know how you shall enjoy your shaving session immensely.

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