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The Best Film Making Quotes From Filmmakers Themselves

Film making is a creative profession that helps people all over the globe escape the reality and view the world through new rules for a couple of hours. It would be better if you have the desire in filmmaking, make sure you venture into the industry to perfect on your abilities. Of course many people love films, now let us get a peek into their perspective. We have quite a number of unmatched quotes which great filmmakers have put forward.

‘Every time I go to the movies, it is magic no matter what the movie is about’, by Steven Spielberg. He came up with this quote especially because he believed that every film has its own fantasy element or magical experience no matter the subject. A very well established filmmaker in the field of magical stories. He is also behind historical films of ancient things thereby take people back in time to get the experience of what it was like back then.

To add on that we have this quote from Christopher Nolan, ” I think audiences get too comfortable and familiar in today’s movies. They believe everything they are hearing and seeing, I like to shake that up” . The quote in the real sense referred to how people view movies as predictable. To understand this, check out his film Memento, it seems complex but it is quite perfect that you can predict the events.

Kathryn Bigelow said that gender cannot be an obstacle to filmmaking and for that reason, she cannot change her gender nor refuse to make films, no way. She actually put this across with aims that women are also great filmmakers and that aspect of gender should be done away with. In her movies she incorporates the idea of first camera perspective, it is much evident in the Point Break film.

Sofia Coppola also brought one of her famous quotes, if you know what you are doing then it is okay that you go and do not get louder. Sofia words were echoed by her father’s inspiration and late she came up with this. Also the quote addresses nepotism in Hollywood. ” If a million people see my movie I hope they see a million different movies,” Quentin Tarantino, another top quote. This guy was so funny, with this quote he meant that he is paying tribute to his own favorite movies, good to have pride in your work.

One of the top quotes are Alejandro Gonzalez Innaritu quotes, he stated that filmmaking is tough, making a movie is easy, a good one its just war but the great one it is like a miracle. The quote is simple, it simply shows that efforts must be combined to come up with something great .