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Pay per click is an internet advertising model that is used to direct traffic to websites in which advertisers pay a publisher when the ad is clicked. In order for your ads to be listed in the organic search listings, individuals or businesses pay Google. Thus when individuals click on the ad they pay the current cost per click from your budget. A cost effective way of boosting profits is using pay per click campaign. Setting up of a pay per click campaign basically involves some simple steps. To set a pay per click campaign individuals need to have defined whether they are; selling a product, driving traffic to the website or get subscribers.

Setting up of a pay per click campaign is achieved by deciding the search engine to advertise with. Individuals need to sign up and create an account with e various search engines. In order to have a reflection of what someone would type into the search engine, individuals select pay per click key words. When all these have been achieved successfully then individuals set the bid for different keywords and select the budget payment time. Individuals then write their pay per click advert and link to a relevant landing page on the website.In setting up of a pay per click campaign, individuals watch closely the campaign.

The benefits of using pay per click campaign is that its cost effective reason being you only pay when a user reaches your website. Measuring of pay per click campaigns is possible by tracking down the progress as well knowing the return on investment. The impact caused by pay per click campaigns is immediate as its usually fast.

Also as another benefit is that, individuals are able to customize their campaigns. So as to help develop your skills then pay per click campaigns offer free online training courses as well as training materials. Pay per click is an example of performance marketing which refers to online marketing and advertising programs whereby advertisers are paid when a specific action is undertaken such as a sale, click or lead. A difference is resulted from other types of marketing since it combines both advertising and innovation that helps marketing companies to grow their business.

To result to a win-win situation then campaigns are made so as to create awareness among various target markets. Performance marketing can be used by various categories of companies such as; business partnerships, sole proprietor and public traded companies. However there are various players such as; retailers, affiliates, agencies, solution providers and out sourced program managers that could be involved in performance marketing. In traditional advertising money is paid without assurance of a success as compared to performance marketing which allows advertisers to only pay for successful transactions. The reversal of traditional advertising to something dynamic and efficient is what entails performance marketing.

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