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Simple Steps to Help You Enjoy the Gods Unchained Trading Card Game

For those people who love the online trading game card, the current best option you need to have is the gods unchained game. With this game, one has the opportunity to get a collection of cards to enable them to build a deck so that they get a god that they will use to play in that season. Another benefit to the player is that they get to enjoy a faster speed as they play the game. If you think that gods unchained are one of the other online trading card game you have experience, it is important to know that you are on the wrong side. One of the differences setting it apart is that players have real ownership of the card, trade and transfer their cards. To be a member of the God’s Unchained community, the following are important things that will assist you.

The very first thing that one needs to consider doing is to look for the God’s Unchained website. When you are in the site, it will be easy for you to follow the procedures of making your purchases. The information you find will help you know the cards to go for and what every card means.

The next thing that one need s to do is to connect to metamask. Metamask is an extension that helps one to buy, send, receive and manage their digital assets on the ethereum blockchain. For one to buy or trade their cards, there is the need to ensure that you have ETH which is the only acceptable cryptocurrency. One can download metamask using Chrome, Opera or Firefox and install it .

The next thing that you need to know is that buying cards will be easy with the metamask app installed. The player can begin buying cards pack for gods unchained to start enjoying the game. What you need to know however is that with every pack, there are several level cards. When you find the Get Cards Page, you will then place an order, confirm it and finally get the cards that you need in a short while.

After purchasing your cards, it is time now to open the cards. You will need to select the open pack menu and from there open the card packs displayed on the lower left. After doing so, the cards will be viewable, and you can start to enjoy the game. It is also vital to know that you have an inventory where you get to see all your card collection and the rare cards you own.

Becoming a God’s Unchained community has never been this easy with these simple procedure. There is the need to ensure that you get to look for the God’s Unchained site, use metamask to connect and after making your purchase start to enjoy the game.

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