Finding Parallels Between Guides and Life

Make-Believe Lives Part 8: Meet Ben, The Doctor Wannabe

Get to know Ben as you journey throughout his life and how smart and empathetic is this kid is, for example, he ever encountered an animal who is injured, he will nurse it back to health. Ben loves caring for individuals, that is why he also joined scouting to help those who are in need. He became a well-known scout for his services as well as his deeds in the volunteering field. Out of curiosity, his father asked him what he wanted to be when he grows up. Without a shed of a doubt Ben wanted to be a doctor. Ben’s father was a janitor and his wife had a minimum paying job how can they pay all the bills for school in that rate?

Ben was able to learn more about scouting and how it can be beneficial. There were suggestions that due to his ability to empathize he fits well as a guidance counselor or could be a psychiatrist but Ben did not want to be either, he wanted to be a doctor.

As Ben grows up he realizes that his family will not be able to provide for his education that is why he is working part-time in order to earn.

Through education Ben was able to learn more info about trade schools and how it contributes to improving individuals. He wanted to free his parents from the burden of paying for school so what he did was work in which he did odd jobs but paid good money and it was not that long he earned enough to study.

Ben was not able to become a doctor, however, with his dedication he finished his course and is now a medical assistant.

Secured and stable yet Ben was not satisfied with what he has and he wanted to discover more about what is there to life.

Ben went back to school and this was also the time that he became clear about his gender and that he was not straight. The first response Ben got was frustration and anger but later on his family became more accepting. Ben also decided to do a blog for his everyday journey through a website he created for himself.

Ben might not be a doctor but his partner is, Jake works at the hospital where Ben does to and this is where their love story began.

It was not very long before they realized they wanted to be with each other for the rest of their lives. Ben and Jake were to be wed if the stipulation for each of them is met.

Jake is supposed to be free from the bondage of his student loans and Ben must reduce time doing work so that Jake can be filled in his schedule. The both of them reached their end of the bargain and now they travel all across the globe and share their adventures with the world through their adventure blogs.

The couple just had their first four-legged fur baby, together they are a family that proves happy ever afters exist.