I Have Been Farmed out to the Boss’ Wife

I have been farmed out to the boss’ wife it seems, she is planning an enormous and extravagant wedding and the boss decided that he could spare me and my abilities were well suited for the task. I suppose that I know how Abraham Lincoln felt when his father would rent him out to other farmers, but really I have little time for self pity. The boss has been involved in some sort of casino siteleri project, he is literally involved in a Turkish betting web site right. It is some sort of investment, but I can not really see the sense in the thing. Obviously gambling is a great business if you are the house, they always have an edge and over time they are always going to win. However I do not see the Turkish angle. It seems like if you wanted to get gamblers you would be better with an Asian site, because that is where gambling is really a lot bigger and where you have tens of millions of gamblers ready to put their money down.

At any rate I know how to throw a large event and there is not any difference aside from the fact that the boss’ wife will have my hide if anything goes awry. The catering is something that I had to figure out because it is going to have be done here on the estate. Before now I always that the boss was the boss because he was good at his job ( which he does seem to be ). However it turns out that he is actually the boss because his wife says that he is and her family is a lot wealthier than he is. Her mother treats him like he is the help in fact. They obviously do not like each other.