Is Artificial Intelligence Safe Enough In Cars?

The big question. As we watch old films that depict the world of 2020 with flying cars and traffic lights in the sky, it’s hard to not wonder what the world of tomorrow will actually be like. With the worlds governing bodies taking action against petrol and diesel driven cars trusting electric driven vehicles to take the helm, will AI (artificial intelligence) eventually take over all things motoring and be trusted to autonomously drive our cars for us? 

As we know, the UK has developed a scheme that means number plates on electric vehicle will be green, in order to make you stand out from the crowd, telling the world that you’re making a difference. Now this doesn’t mean that you can go to a number plate maker and buy green registration plates to display on your car. These are strictly reserved for those with electric vehicles.

Cars that seem to delivery full artificial intelligence are still in the concept phase for many vehicle manufacturers. With cars shows and instagram videos being full to the brim with future predictions and vehicle that will shape the next generation of driving. Some cars do have some autonomous element, they have the ability to recognise lines in the road and warn you’re when you are veering out of lanes. Others are able to reverse into your desired parking space from you, FULLY autonomously. There are many more features, mainly surrounding driver safety that can be added to vehicle to take some of the pressure away from the stresses of day to day driving. Whether cars will one day be driverless is another question all together. And will this one day be transferred to motorcycles.

Aeroplanes are well known to be able to keep themselves air bound for the durations of long-haul flights, they also have the capabilities to land safely after a long distance journey. So with this many lives in the hands of the computer systems that run an aeroplane, why can’t they be trusted to drive your vehicle. Put simply there is a lot of information, a lot more information in comparison the flight travel, that a car would have to consider before making a decision. To be able to safely turn a corner in traffic, with the potential of pedestrians crossing, they car would have to think about a multitude of factors before comfortably turning said corner. So we could be asking too much when asking for a world without drivers.