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Factors you should look at when looking for a Dog Sitter
It always seems easy and cheaper letting your family member take care of your dog but the truth is hiring a dog sitter is far much better. That is why you should hire a dog sitter how is experienced in taking care of dogs. A good dog sitter will know how to respond to a medical emergency quickly than your friend or family member. Most dog sitters have insurance cover to protect you from theft. Here are more information about how you can pick the right dog sitter in the article below.
The first thing to look at is if the person is insured and bonded. It is very important that you check that if he or she has an insurance cover. An insurance cover will protect in the event of an accident carried out by the dog sitter. The agency that the sitter works under should be bonded too. This will prevent the sitter from stealing from you when he or she is pet sitting on your behalf. If such an event occurs, you will be compensated by the agency.
Choosing a pet sitter that is trained will assure you that your dog will be cared for and protected. Ask about the various training that they have undergone and their past jobs. A trained pet sitter will be able to understand different pet personalities, their habits, their likes and dislike more. A trained dog trainer will not have a difficult time administering the proper medication of your dog as required. If your dog requires veterinary attention, they will figure out how to get the best health care for the dog.
It is always important to have a defined plan B You might have an absolute plan in mind, then in the last minute it fails. Inquire from your dog sitter their plans for back up in the case that they are not available. If an agency has hired your dog sitter, learn more about their policies concerning back up. Get to know the qualification and past experience of the other person too. It is always important to be prepared for anything.
The sitter should be ready to work with your schedule. It advisable to keep your dog on schedule for simple things like walking or eating. Ensure that the pet sitter’s schedule rhymes with your schedule. Having a similar schedule will be beneficial for you and your dog.